Freedom of information response

Sexually activity/Position of trust

Publication date: 
Monday 16 March 2020

Please could you provide the following information for the last four years (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019):

1. how many cases were known about which related to sexual activity by a person who was potentially in a Position of Trust that is not currently covered by legislation with a 16 or 17 year old?

2. of these cases, in how many was the role of the individual known and recorded?

3. how many cases involved sports coaches or people working in sport?

4. for those cases where the role was known and recorded, please categorise by the activity (eg sport, religion/faith, transport)?

5. what is the process of reporting and recording cases by your LADO/DO?


Please see below:

















Fewer than 5

Fewer than 5

5. The LADO's role is set out in the Southend Essex and Thurrock Set Procedures which can be found on the LSCP website:

We are unable to provide an exact number for question 4 above as:

  • There is a low number involved.

  • The release of this information could identify individuals which would constitute their personal data under the Data Protection Act

  • There is no prior expectation on the part of these individuals that their personal information would be published in the wider public domain under the FOI Act

  • Personal data of any other person is exempt under section 40 (2) of the Data Protection Act.

However in the interests of transparency we are able to provide this information to you categorised as fewer than 5 to give you an indication of the figures

You are free to use any information supplied to you for your own use, including non-commercial research purposes.  However, any other type of re-use, for example, by publishing the information or issuing copies to the public will require the permission of the copyright owner.

Where the copyright is owned by Thurrock Council, you must apply to the Council to re-use the information.  Please email if you wish to re-use the information you have been supplied. For information where the copyright is owned by another person or organisation, you must apply to the copyright owner to obtain their permission

Request reference:
FOI 9830