Freedom of information response

Social Value in Procurement

Publication date: 
Friday 14 February 2020

1. How many procurement projects for services (ie not works or supplies) did you undertake in financial year 2018/19 which were above the relevant EU threshold and were therefore advertised in TED (Tenders Electronic Daily, the European public procurement journal)?

2. For each of these projects please state the approximate total financial value of the procurement and the percentage of the award criteria which was allocated to social value as defined above. (If social value was not explicitly evaluated but instead had the potential to contribute to scores of other award criteria please simply state this.)

3. Do your current procurement policies or procedures define what percentage (or range of percentages) of the award criteria you should allocate to social value? If so what do they say? (Please provide a copy of the policy)

4. Looking ahead, in the next three years is the percentage in (3) likely to increase, decrease, or stay the same?

5. Does your organisation have a social value policy (in the context of procurement)? If so, please provide a copy of the policy)

6. Who championed (ie prompted a change in policy) the inclusion of social value considerations into your procurement processes? (eg commissioning officers, procurement officers, elected councillors, senior management, other (please state job title).

7. If the policy change in (6) required formal approval, please provide a copy of the approval document.

8. Do you have a standard social value question for procurement projects? If so, please provide a copy.

9. How do you measure If social value has been delivered?

10. What was the political control of your council on 1 October 2018?

11. How many people work for your council?

12. What is the population of your local authority area?

13. How many employees of your council are MCIPS qualified?


1. Please see attached document Appendix A

2. Value in the list, % on Social Value 5-10% according to tender.

3. Currently under review

4. Under review, looking at a different approach where we define what Social Value outcomes the Council wishes to achieve and selecting some from which bidders can chose.


6. All of the listed to some extent.  Commercial Director when in post.

7. To be incorporated into the Contract Procedure Rules (within the Constitution).

8. No, varies according to tender

9. KPIs set within the contract are monitored.

10. Conservative

11. 2,677

12. 180,000+ The information is available at:

13. 2

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