Freedom of information response

Student Discounts

Publication date: 
Monday 11 May 2020

1. How many student discounts have been applied by the authority for the 2018/19 and 2019/20 financial years? For clarity I would like this broken down by numbers of CLASS N Exemption and numbers of individual Student Disregard Discounts applied.

  1. 2. What evidence of being a full-time university student does the authority require to satisfy the application for student disregard discount?
  2. 3. What evidence do the authority require to apply a Class N discount to a property?
    Class N - (1) A dwelling which is either–
    (a) occupied by one or more residents all of whom are students;
    (b) occupied only by one or more students as term time accommodation;
    4. Does the authority accept or engage in any digital/online validation of evidence of being a full-time university student? If “Yes” please provide information about how this happens and with which Universities.
    5. Does the authority rely on any lists of full-time student supplied by universities and in which case please state which institutions provide this method


2018/19          Class N = 178 / Student Disregards = 363

2019/20          Class N = 220 / Student Disregards = 433

2. A completed application

A Student Certificate from their place of Education

NB We always apply to the University/College for confirmation the student is in attendance

  1. 3. An application form
    Student certificates for all students from their place of Education
    NB We verify attendance and also arrange an Inspector visit
    4. Yes, The University of Kent and the University of Hertfordshire
    5. No
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FOI 9956