Food business registration

TuckIN scheme for takeaways

'TuckIN' is a scheme for local takeaway food businesses that want to show their customers they offer healthier choices.

Businesses that join TuckIN must pledge to:

  • lower the sugar, salt and fat content of their food
  • use lower saturated fat oils and spreads
  • use healthier ingredients
  • allow their customers to choose smaller portion sizes

In return for signing-up and qualifying for the scheme, businesses get:

  • £100 of vouchers that can be used to pay for our Level 2 food hygiene courses
  • advice visits from a member of the TuckIN team
  • free online nutrition training
  • free advertising on the TuckIN website
  • promotional materials
  • a TuckIN certificate

Go to TuckIN – Making Food Better for more information.

The TuckIN scheme is being run by Environmental Health teams in Essex to encourage healthier lifestyle choices.

Contact our Food team if you are interested in pledging your takeaway business to TuckIN.

Food Team

: 01375 652 955