Application for a parade, a street party or other event on the public highway

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Events on the public highway
Road restrictions

Please give details of all necessary road restrictions below.

'From where to where' can either be the full length of the road or between two points, such as a house number or landmark. 'Moving closures' apply for events such as parades and races, where the restrictions are only needed while the event is passing by.

Road nameRoad typeRestriction typeRestrictions from where to where?

Traffic management for your event must be carried out by a competent person – you can get guidance and help with signs from Streets Alive: road closures (opens new window).

Event dates and times
Consultation, documents and plans

We will need to check you have documents and plans that show you've made all the necessary arrangements and have consulted residents, organisations and businesses locally.

Before we can approve your application, we will ask to see the documents and plans below, where applicable.

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