Council tax - student discount

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Council tax payer's details
Students and other adult occupiers

For each student, you must upload a clear copy or image of a certificate, obtained by the student from their university or college – sixth-form colleges do not qualify – showing:

  • the name and address of the establishment that issued the certificate
  • the full name of the person for whom the certificate has been issued
  • the date of birth of the student, if known
  • the date from when the applicant became a student
  • the date when the student's course is expected to end
  • a statement certifying that the student is following a full-time qualifying course of education, lasting at least 24 weeks of the year, with at least 21 hours' instruction during each of those weeks

Use the browse button below to upload one or more certificate files.
Each file must be no larger than 10MB and may be a JPG image or DOC, DOCX, PDF, RTF or ODT document.


I understand that Thurrock Council will make enquiries to verify this claim, and that to provide false information is a criminal offence.

The information provided in this application for council tax student discount is true and correct.

I understand I am legally obliged to notify Thurrock Council immediately if the circumstances relating to this application change, and that a penalty of £50 will be imposed it I fail to do so.