Council tax - update your details

When you should use this form

You should use this form for council tax only if you want to tell us:

  • someone registered at your property has changed their name
  • someone registered at your property is deceased
  • someone not named on your bill has moved in or out of the property
  • your billing address or other contact details have changed
  • you are no longer entitled to a council tax discount that you currently receive
When you should not use this form

You should not use this form to tell us about other changes to your circumstance affecting council tax. You should login to My Account if you need to tell us you are:

  • moving to Thurrock, or are a new occupier in Thurrock
  • moving home within Thurrock
  • moving away from Thurrock

You can create an account if you don't already have one.

If you receive benefits

If you currently receive benefits and want to claim council tax support or tell us about a change in circumstances that affects your benefits, you should do this through our benefits web pages.

Information you send using this form will not be used to update your benefits details – you must tell our benefits service.

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