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How we will use your information
Data protection and fair processing statement

We will use your information to provide the service requested. We may share your personal data between our services and with partner organisations, such as government bodies and the police. We will do so when it is of benefit to you, or required by law, or to prevent or detect fraud.

To find out more, go to thurrock.gov.uk/privacy. Get free internet access at libraries and community hubs.

Application type
Before you start

Before you start completing this form, please make sure you have:

  • a valid email address
  • a passport-style photo of the student that you can upload as a JPG or JPEG file (no more than 5MB in size)
  • details of any medication or treatment the student receives for asthma, allergies or epilepsy
  • your National Insurance (NI) or National Asylum Support Service (NASS) number, if you're applying for travel support because your family has low income

If you are applying for reasons of low income, and the student has not been assessed as currently eligible for free school meals, you will need to upload copies of evidence of the eligible benefits you receive. If you are not sure which benefits are eligible, you should check again our information on who is eligible for support.

If you are applying because the student has special educational needs or disability, you will need to know which schools are listed in the student's current Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP), if they have one.

If the student uses a wheelchair, you will need to know its make, model, size, weight and whether it is battery operated.

You will not be able to save a part-completed form so please make sure you have these items before you start.


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