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Requests to speak must relate to an item to be considered at the next meeting of the Committee and may only be lodged once the agenda has been published (i.e. five working days before the meeting) and up to noon, two working days prior to the meeting.

The Committee will only accept requests to speak from people or organisations, as follows, who have a planning related interest that could be affected by the matter under consideration.

If you wish to speak in opposition, the applicant/agent will be given a right of reply at the meeting and will be provided in advance with a copy of your grounds for objection.

Where there is more than one request to speak on an application, then the requests will be entered into a ballot. This will to be held once the period during which requests to speak may be lodged has closed, and the speakers will be advised of the outcome.

At a special meeting of the Committee, a person may only address the meeting on matters raised on the agenda.