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We will use your information to provide the service requested. We may share your personal data between our services and with partner organisations, such as government bodies and the police. We will do so when it is of benefit to you, or required by law, or to prevent or detect fraud.

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Before reporting a problem, please read our pollution and noise information – this tells you what can be done in different situations and whether or not we will be able to help.

Type of problem


If you believe the smoke, grit or dust is coming from a business or industrial site, you should call the Environment Agency on their 24-hour incident phone line 0800 80 70 60.

We are only able to investigate if the nuisance is coming from a household property.

Please read our asbestos advice page before reporting asbestos to us.

We cannot remove asbestos for you. If asbestos is broken or being removed, we can only:

  • check that safe practices are in place
  • make sure specialist licensed contractors are used
  • pass your concerns on to the national Heath and Safety Executive (HSE), if necessary


Location of the problem
Address where the problem occurs or originates


Description of the problem



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