Online at your library

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – libraries

Go to our coronavirus (COVID-19) safety page for information on visiting re-opened libraries from 5 November onwards. All items borrowed after 15 October 2020 have had their loan dates extended automatically to 8 January 2021. Do not put borrowed items in library book drops or letterboxes.

As well as ordering and renewing library items online, you can use our libraries order and collect service to ask our staff to choose items for you from the shelves of your local branch library.

Dictionaries and references

You can get free access to online dictionaries as part of our reference library.

They can be accessed either by using computers in your local library or on your home computer.

Login to Oxford dictionaries and references by typing the letters THUR followed by your library card number, within the 'Library Card Login' box.

Dictionary and reference links: