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Grangewaters activities, M-Z

All adventure activities at Grangewaters follow strict guidelines and safe practice. Where possible activities cater for all abilities and ages. Call us for details of any restrictions.

All sessions follow a standard structure. Each initially starts with a safety brief, followed by demonstrations and practice.

Activity Description
Mountain biking Riding a mountain bike off road on small trails and hills on a supervised session is hugely enjoyable and fun. Safe riding technique is also taught, which leads to better handling of the bike. The trails and rides used are aimed at most abilities. The centre also has bikes specially designed for those with mobility issues, including a wheel chair bike and trikes.
Navigation We offer training in navigation skills needed for using a map and compass, map interpretation and practical use. Programmes can be tailored to meet curriculum requirements or expedition needs and can be delivered on our site or at a venue of your choice, including navigation practice in unfamiliar areas.
Orienteering Orienteering allows for a competitive application of navigational skills, which is quick and easy to learn. Participants are split into small groups and taught the basics of map reading which once learnt will allow them to navigate around a pre-set course of posts.
Peg climb A telegraph pole with many holes in, is climbed using metal pegs, the pegs are then used to gain height for feet and hands. Climb to the platform and you have made a successful ascent.
Pioneering Build a structure using only poles and ropes. You could be firing a bomb or building a bridge. Success will depend on your design, knots, teamwork and leadership.
Postman's walk Walk across a raised beam 4 metres from the floor. Then climb to a wire at 8 metres; this is crossed using a rope for the hands to balance on. Continue to the top wire, which is crossed using multi-vine ropes hanging down for the hands.
Powerboat driving Grangewaters' fleet of powerboats can be used for smaller groups to learn the basics of handling a powerboat under the supervision of an experienced instructor.

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