Grays growth

Grays riverside

Grays riverside offers a major opportunity to establish an attractive and lively riverfront for Grays.

Kilverts Field and Grays Beach Park should be joined together to form a new Riverside Park. An attractive riverfront promenade should be created that offers fantastic views and provides access to the water where possible and safe.

A new visitor destination should be established that attracts people to the riverside and brings life to Grays riverfront. This could incorporate a restaurant, café and community facilities, and could include a new theatre. The building should be truly special and become a new landmark for Grays.

New housing development around the park should overlook and animate the open space and help create an attractive waterfront for Grays.

A new pier could support the establishment of river bus services, with the proposed entertainment park on the Swanscombe Peninsula opposite serving as a significant new waterfront attraction.


  • one of three options under consideration for the Thameside Theatre
  • restaurant and café
  • apartments overlooking the Riverside Park and Grays Town Wharf
  • extension to South Essex College
  • retention and enhancement of the yacht club

Heights, layout and built form:

  • 4 to 6 storeys
  • development at the bottom end of the High Street should be a maximum of 4 storeys

Transport and movement:

  • new lane to link Thames Road with Manor Way
  • shorter and more discreet access lane to the yacht club
  • potential new pier on the riverfront to enable waterside access to Grays by ferries, river taxis and pleasure boats

Public realm and open spaces:

  • creation of a riverside promenade and waterfront space
  • establishment of a connected Riverside Park
  • enhancement to the Town Wharf Square at the bottom of the High Street