Grays growth

London Road and Hogg Lane

The area to the west of Grays town centre is very fragmented and dominated by road infrastructure. It comprises a number of opportunity sites that over time could be developed with housing.

New development should help to reconnect the town centre with residential areas along London Road and in Badgers Dene, and establish a street-based environment that feels friendly and safe. Two welcoming gateways should be established at the London Road and Hogg Lane entrances into the town centre.

Most important:

  • resist the loss of employment unless re-provided as part of development
  • simplify and reduce the footprint of junctions at London Road and Hogg Lane to release land for development and establish attractive gateways into the town centre
  • enhance the pedestrian and cycling routes on London Road, Maidstone Road and Hogg Lane
  • establish a better pedestrian connection between Quarry Hill and Hogg Lane