Help to stop smoking

Quit for COVID

Smoking further increases the risks posed by coronavirus (COVID-19) so now is the perfect time for smokers to think about quitting.

Giving up smoking will reduce a smoker's risk of serious health problems from coronavirus.

Quitting will also rapidly reduce their risk of other health problems related to smoking, such as heart disease and stroke. This is critical for individual smokers and to protect the NHS, which is already under pressure at this time.

You can get help online from NHS: smokefree and our stopping smoking page.

Post your progress and follow others on social media using the #QuitforCOVID hashtag. For more information, go to Today is the Day: don’t smoke alone, quit together.

Advice to smokers from the UK's Chief Medical Officer

The UK's Chief Medical Officer and the government Health Secretary have both said that smokers are at increased risk from COVID-19.

Smoking harms the immune system, reducing the body’s natural protection against infections, like coronavirus.

This means smokers are not only at greater risk of getting coronavirus, but the infection is likely to last longer and be more serious than it would for someone who does not smoke.

Now is a very important time for smokers to quit and reduce their harm from tobacco.

Further support

You can get more help and advice from Thurrock Healthy Lifestyle Service.