Historical places in Thurrock

Filming in Thurrock

Thurrock has been used as a location for a wide range of film and television productions, spanning a period of around 80 years. The most popular locations have included the State Cinema in Grays, Tilbury Docks and Coalhouse Fort. Below is a list of the appearances Thurrock Museum is aware of, with additional information where available. If you can contribute any further details or if you know of any omissions from our list, please do not hesitate to let us know! (Contact details at end of list.)


Unnamed British-made 'Western' films, Edwardian period.
Scenes often filmed at Purfleet (Botany Gardens, chalk cliff area and around the Royal Hotel.) Article in Panorama no.10, p.33.

The Guns of Loos, 1927.
About events during the First World War. Gibbs's Pit, West Thurrock, chalk pit recreated as battlefield setting. See G&T Gazette 1927.

The Berg, 1929.
About the sinking of the Titanic, filmed in Tilbury Docks, later called Atlantic. Made in English and German with two sets of actors.

Me and Marlborough, 1935.
Filmed at Goldsmith's Wharf, Grays. See G&T Gazette.

The Stoker, 1935.
Filmed in Tilbury Docks.

Glamorous Night, 1937.
Filmed at Tilbury Landing Stage, see G&T Gazette, March 20th, p13.

Hangman's Wharf, 1949.
Starring Jane Kent, John Witty and Genine Grahame.
Filmed around East Tilbury Rectory, Sydney Road, Tilbury and Gibbs Wharf, Grays by D.U.K Film Ltd. See G&T Gazette; issue dated Feb 19th, 1949.

Up the Creek, 1958.
Comedy about a warship moored in a lonely creek, crew involved in numerous scam operations. Filmed in Ward's ship-breaking yard in Grays. See G&T Gazette.
Peter Sellers and other British comedy actors.

The Victors, 1962/3.
Dunkirk evacuation story, Tilbury area. George Peppard was one of several famous actors present. A road in Tilbury was covered in grey-coloured mud for a film sequence. Covered by G&T Gazette photographer Dave Henderson.
Tony Benton remembers seeing, in the Dock Road approach (near Asda site), a block of stone marked Ostende (Belgium), with peasants drinking tea nearby.

Brannigan, 1975.
John Wayne plays an American detective in London, partly filmed in Tilbury Docks.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit, 1988.
Bob Hoskins partly filmed in State Cinema, Grays.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, 1988/9.
Starring Harrison Ford, speedboat chase scene in 'Venice' filmed in Tilbury Docks ('Scrap Dock'), HF present on set.

Chicago Joe and the Show Girl, 1989/90.
Starring Kiefer Sutherland, Emily Lloyd, Patsy Kensit and Liz Fraser. Filmed at State Cinema, Grays.

Blue Ice, 1992.
Directed by Russell Mulcahy and starring Michael Caine, filmed at Tilbury Docks.

Four Weddings and a Funeral, 1993.
Directed by Mike Newell and starring Andie McDowell and Hugh Grant.
Opening sequence and funeral filmed at St. Clement's Church, West Thurrock.
Bedroom scene filmed in Old Gas Showrooms, opposite Thameside Theatre.

Essex Boys, 1999/2000.
Based on drug-related Rettendon murders.
Filmed at East Tilbury marshes, Bata admin. Building and under QEII Bridge.

28 Days Later, 2002
Directed by Danny Boyle, Partly filmed at Broadview Transport Café on the old A13 near Stanford-le-Hope.

Television - Light Entertainment

Quatermass II, 1956.
Scenes in Shell Oil refinery and Wards Engineering Works, Grays.

Dr Who, 1960s.
Tunnel Cement Pit, West Thurrock, featuring 6' tall green caterpillar. Information from Dave Henderson.

Softly, Softly, late 1960s.
Victor Maddern's house and farm complex in North Ockendon was used several times for this T.V. police drama series. Information from Dave Henderson.

Bluebell, 1985.
TV serial starring Carolyn Pickles. Filmed inside State Cinema, Grays.

Julia McKenzie and Friends, 1986.
Musical spectacular featuring Anton Rogers playing organ in State Cinema, Grays.

Richard Burton My Brother, 1988.
Commercial featuring Richard Burton's brother Graham Jenkins, advertising series in the Sunday Times based on new Burton biography written by Jenkins. Filmed inside State Cinema, Grays.

Sharp's Rifles, 'The Lost Regiment', 1997. Filmed at Tilbury Fort. Reported in Thurrock Gazette.

Fame Academy, 2002.
Final 3 BBC talent show contestants filmed performing at Lakeside Shopping Centre. Reported in Thurrock Gazette.

Drama Crime Special Xmas 2003 - East Tilbury - Bata Estate.

Television - Documentary

Defending London's River, 1957/8.
BBC TV filmed in Tilbury Docks and on Thames. Focused on "Humphrey Deighten", a floating HQ for medical services, esp. smallpox and accident care. Producer Norman Swallow. (Information from Dr. M. J. Catton).

"Man under Pressure", 1963/4.
Filmed at Tilbury 'B' Power Station, featuring pressure chambers and tunnel workings. Made for Rank Films in colour and for TV in black and white. (Information from Dr. M. J. Catton).

Chronicle, 1970s.
BBC filmed at Mucking Archaeological Excavation, for an episode on the Anglo-Saxon period.

Unusual Heritage, 1984.
Anglian TV filmed at Coalhouse Fort with Magnus Magnusson.

Lakesiders, 1998.
BBC fly-on-the-wall documentary series about Lakeside Shopping Centre.

Walk over Heritage, 2000.
Meridian TV filmed a Thurrock episode from Purfleet to Coalhouse Fort, featuring various sites. Jonathan Catton featured with historical information.

Sea to Source, 2002.
A journey up the Thames with Nick Clark, looking at interesting people and places. Featuring Tilbury Docks and made by Limeleaf Productions.

Restoration, 2003.
BBC series featuring buildings of historical importance around the country. Public vote to award restoration fund to one winning building. Coalhouse Fort featured. Jonathan Catton interview.

ITV Pulling Power, 2004 Review of cars, filmed in Baggage Hall, Tilbury Docks and between Tilbury Town and East Tilbury village.

Television - Outside Broadcasts

1958. - A BBC outside broadcast unit recorded a question and answer session at Coryton Institute, chaired by Raymond Baxter.

c.1968. - BBC outside broadcast unit recorded a question and answer programme, on motorists, at the Pegasus Club, Corringham.

1998- Good Morning, Breakfast-time show filmed at Lakeside Shopping Centre.

"London Talking", A London Weekend Television (LWT) version of Question Time.


(Selection from Pathe newsreel archive. More at British Pathe website)

1932. - England cricket team filmed leaving Tilbury Docks for Australia to play for the Ashes.

1934. - Chief Scout Lord Baden Powell departing from Tilbury Docks on world tour. Scouts see him off.

1948. - Empire Windrush filmed arriving at Tilbury Docks carrying Jamaican immigrants.

1953. - Queen Elizabeth II tours flooded areas of Tilbury and Purfleet.