Home to school travel support

Support for learners over 16 years-old

We may provide travel assistance for young people of sixth form age and adults aged 19 and over in education or training.

In most cases, there will be a charge for travel support, which may be the full cost or part of the cost.

Young people with special educational needs and disabilities

We will reassess the transport needs of young people with special educational needs (SEN) and disabilities when they move to post-16 education, even if they stay at the same place of education.

If your child's Education, Health, Care (EHC) plan assessment has found that support with transport is necessary to meet their needs, you should complete application form below.

Young people without special educational needs and disabilities

To apply for post16 support, the young person must be:

  • resident in Thurrock
  • aged 16 years-old or over, but under 19 years-old at 31 August
  • attend the nearest publicly-funded school or college that offers the course they are studying

The sixth form or college must be over 3 miles from their home.

The young person must have been unable to get funding from any other source and must be able to give confirmation in writing that their request was refused for a clear reason.

Apply for post-16 travel support

Download, complete and email or post the form below.

For more information, read our post-16 transport policy statement: