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Types of transport

If your child is eligible for transport they will be allocated the most economical form of transport available. This could be one of the following:

Contract transport

When contract transport is allocated:

  • passes are issued at the start of each academic year (before or during September)
  • you will receive a letter each year informing you of the contract details, along with a pick up time, which will be accepted as proof of travel for the first 2 weeks of term only
  • passes will be sent to your child's school or college to be issued on the first day of term. However, your child will have to provide a passport sized photograph before their pass is issued
  • the pass is valid for travel for the whole year

It is essential that passes are carried by pupils, as they will be inspected on all journeys. Failure to produce the pass will lead to your child being refused travel, as there is a strict no-pass-no-ride policy.

If your child is at primary school a pass is not issued. The operator will be sent your child's details so that they can travel on the contract.

Public transport - public bus and train pass

When public transport is allocated:

  • season tickets for travel on public bus and rail services are ordered each term
  • bus tickets are sent to the pupil's home address, unless stated otherwise
  • the ticket issued is valid for travel on the first day of the following term
  • rail season tickets will be sent to your home address, a few days prior to the start of term
  • tickets can only be issued once a photocard ID number has been provided to us

It is important that tickets and photocard ID are carried by pupils as they will be inspected on all journeys (one validates the other). If the ticket cannot be produced at any time on the journey, the appropriate fare will have to be paid. The parent will be responsible for the cost of the journey if the ticket is not available or lost. No refund will be made, even if a valid ticket is subsequently produced. This will be a charge for all replacement tickets.

Although tickets are issued each term, the photocard is valid for at least 1 year, if not longer. Please make sure you retain the photocard until a new one is issued.