Household waste and recycling

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – waste and recycling

Brown bin collections every 2 weekstemporary changes to bin collections.

Linford Household Waste and Recycling Centre (the tip) opens daily with safety restrictions in place. For traffic safety, a temporary one-way system will be in place from 7:30am to 5:30pm each day. Traffic from Linford will only be able to travel north on Buckingham Hill Road to the A1013 Stanford Road, and south on Butts Lane and Waltons Hall Road to Linford.

Bin lorry names

In 2018 our teams started using 28 new waste and recycling lorries to empty household bins. These modern vehicles are replacements for the ageing fleet that was previously in service.

Vehicle names

We invited pupils at Thurrock primary schools to colour a bin lorry picture and give it a name. Our waste and recycling team picked their favourites, and named one of the vehicle themselves.

Each new lorry will have one of its name written on the front. Drawings will be displayed on the drivers' doors.

Vehicle name Named by
Bin of Doom Aveley Primary School
Binney Jones Arthur Bugler Primary School
Bintastic Belmont Castle Academy
Clean Club Stifford Clays Primary School
Crusher St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
Dirty Berty Aveley Primary School
Dustbin Bieber Belmont Castle Academy
Eboniee Duster Waste and Recycling team
Ghost Dusters Belmont Castle Academy
Green Bin Busters Graham James Primary Academy
Grumpy Graham Garbage Graham James Primary Academy
Hungry for Junk Warren Primary School
Litter Mix Warren Primary School
Lord of the Bins Belmont Castle Academy
Maximus Monumentous Aveley Primary School
Mission Bin Possible Belmont Castle Academy
Mr Dumpy McDumphead Arthur Bugler Primary School
Nessie Aveley Primary School
Pollution Solution Belmont Castle Academy
Pongion Arthur Bugler Primary School
Rainbow Machine Arthur Bugler Primary School
Recycle Plastic Fantastic Belmont Castle Academy
Recyclorry Shaw Primary Academy
Shred Sheeran Aveley Primary School
The Binions Warren Primary School
The Dumpers Arthur Bugler Primary School
The Good Dustbin Chadwell St Mary Primary School
Trash Gordon Aveley Primary School