Wheeled bin collection days

Brown bin collections suspended from 7 January

Brown bin collections are suspended temporarily from 7 January until further notice, due to high local rates of COVID-19 and a need for staff to self-isolate when advised to do so. Please store your brown bin away from the street until collections can start again.

Street names: B

Household waste and recycling blue bins and green/grey bins are collected once a week. Brown bins are collected every 2 weeks. Use our A to Z of recyclable waste to check what should go in each bin.

For brown bin collections, your street will either be a 'Week 1' street or a 'Week 2' street.

Week 1 and Week 2 collection dates are at the end of this page, or go to bin collection days.

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Street, town Day Brown bin
Back Lane, Grays Tuesday Week 2
Back Lane, Purfleet-on-Thames Friday Week 1
Badgers Mount, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday Week 1
Bailey Close, Purfleet-on-Thames Friday Week 2
Baker Street, Orsett Tuesday Week 2
Balfour Road, Grays Thursday Week 2
Balmoral Avenue, Corringham Monday Week 2
Balmoral Avenue, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Balstonia Drive, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 1
Bankfoot, Grays Friday Week 1
Bann Close, South Ockendon Tuesday Week 1
Bark Burr Road, Grays Friday Week 1
Barle Gardens, South Ockendon Tuesday Week 1
Barnmead Meadow, Grays Thursday Week 2
Barrett Way, Aveley Friday Week 2
Barry Close, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday Week 1
Barstable Road, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Bata Avenue, East Tilbury Wednesday Week 2
Bata Mews, East Tilbury Wednesday Week 2
Baton Close, Purfleet-on-Thames Friday Week 2
Beacon Hill, Purfleet-on-Thames Friday Week 2
Bearwood Road, Stanford-le-Hope Tuesday Week 2
Beaufort Close, Grays Friday Week 1
Beckett Drive, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Bedford Road, Grays Thursday Week 2
Beech Grove, Aveley Friday Week 2
Beechcombe, Corringham Monday Week 1
Beechcroft Avenue, Linford Wednesday Week 2
Belhouse Avenue, Aveley Friday Week 2
Belhus Park Lane, Aveley Friday Week 2
Belhus View, Aveley Friday Week 2
Bell Reeves Close, Stanford-le-Hope Tuesday Week 2
Bellmaine Avenue, Corringham Monday Week 1
Bells Hill Road, Basildon Monday Week 1
Belmont Road, Grays Friday Week 1
Benson Road, Grays Thursday Week 2
Benyon Path, South Ockendon Tuesday Week 1
Berkley Hill, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Bermuda Road, Tilbury Wednesday Week 1
Bersham Lane, Grays Friday Week 1
Berwood Road, Corringham Monday Week 2
Beverley Close, Orsett Wednesday Week 2
Bevin Walk, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Bexhill Drive, Grays Wednesday Week 1
Bibby Close, Corringham Monday Week 1
Biggin Lane, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday Week 2
Billet Lane, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Bingham Close, South Ockendon Tuesday Week 1
Birch Close, South Ockendon Tuesday Week 1
Birch Crescent, South Ockendon Tuesday Week 1
Birchfield, Grays Tuesday Week 1
Birchwood Road, Corringham Monday Week 1
Bishops Road, Corringham Monday Week 2
Black Bush Lane, Horndon on the Hill Tuesday Week 2
Blackmore Close, Grays Thursday Week 2
Blackshots Lane, Grays Thursday Week 1
Blackthorn Road, Grays Thursday Week 1
Blake Way, Tilbury Wednesday Week 1
Blenheim Gardens, Aveley Friday Week 2
Bloomfield Walk, Orsett Tuesday Week 2
Blue Anchor Lane, West Tilbury Wednesday Week 2
Blythe Road, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 1
Bodell Close, Grays Thursday Week 1
Boleyn Close, Grays Friday Week 1
Bonham Drive, Orsett Tuesday Week 2
Bonner Walk, Grays Friday Week 1
Boscombe Avenue, Grays Thursday Week 2
Bovey Way, South Ockendon Tuesday Week 1
Bowdell Close, Grays Thursday Week 1
Bowerman Road, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday Week 1
Bown Close, Tilbury Wednesday Week 1
Boyce Road, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Bracelet Close, Corringham Monday Week 1
Bradbourne Road, Grays Thursday Week 2
Bradd Close, South Ockendon Tuesday Week 1
Bradleigh Avenue, Grays Thursday Week 2
Bradshaw Road, Grays Thursday Week 1
Bramleys, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Brampton Close, Corringham Monday Week 1
Brandon Close, Grays Friday Week 1
Brandon Groves Avenue, South Ockendon Tuesday Week 1
Branksome Avenue, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Branksome Close, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Bredle Way, Aveley Friday Week 2
Brennan Road, Tilbury Wednesday Week 1
Brentwood Road, Bulphan Tuesday Week 2
Brentwood Road, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday Week 2
Brentwood Road (south of the A13), Orsett Wednesday Week 2
Brentwood Road (north of the A13), Orsett Tuesday Week 2
Brevet Close, Purfleet-on-Thames Friday Week 2
Briceway, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Bridge Road, Grays Thursday Week 2
Bridgland Road, Purfleet-on-Thames Friday Week 2
Brimfield Road, Purfleet-on-Thames Friday Week 2
Brindles Close, Linford Wednesday Week 2
Brinson Way, Aveley Friday Week 2
Bristowe Drive, Orsett Wednesday Week 2
Broadhope Avenue, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Broadlands, Grays Friday Week 1
Broadstone Road, Stanford-le-Hope Tuesday Week 2
Broadstone Way, West Thurrock Friday Week 2
Broadview Avenue, Grays Thursday Week 1
Broadway, Grays Thursday Week 2
Broadway, Tilbury Wednesday Week 1
Brockenhurst Drive, Stanford-le-Hope Tuesday Week 2
Brocket Road, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday Week 1
Bromley, Grays Wednesday Week 1
Bronte Close, Tilbury Wednesday Week 1
Brooke Road, Grays Thursday Week 2
Brookmans Avenue, Grays Thursday Week 1
Broome Place, Aveley Friday Week 2
Browning Walk, Tilbury Wednesday Week 1
Broxburn Drive, South Ockendon Tuesday Week 1
Bruces Wharf Road, Grays Wednesday Week 1
Brunel Close, Tilbury Wednesday Week 1
Bryanston Road, Tilbury Wednesday Week 1
Buchanan Close, Aveley Friday Week 2
Buckingham Hill Road, Linford Wednesday Week 2
Buckley Close, Corringham Monday Week 1
Bull Close, Grays Friday Week 1
Bumpstead Mead, Aveley Friday Week 2
Burch Close, South Ockendon Tuesday Week 1
Burch Crescent, South Ockendon Tuesday Week 1
Burchfield, Grays Tuesday Week 1
Bure, East Tilbury Wednesday Week 2
Burgess Avenue, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Burns Place, Tilbury Wednesday Week 1
Burrs Way, Corringham Monday Week 1
Burton Close, Corringham Monday Week 1
Butler Walk, Grays Thursday Week 2
Buttell Close, Grays Thursday Week 2
Buttermere Way, West Thurrock Friday Week 2
Button Road, Grays Friday Week 1
Butts Lane, Stanford-le-Hope Tuesday Week 2
Butts Road, Stanford-le-Hope Tuesday Week 2
Buxton Road, Grays Thursday Week 2
Bypass Road, Horndon on the Hill Tuesday Week 2
Byrd Way, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Byron Gardens, Tilbury Wednesday Week 1

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Brown bins – Week 1 and Week 2 collection dates

Brown bin collections are currently suspended.

Week 1 – Monday to Friday Week 2 – Monday to Friday
11 January to 15 January 18 January to 22 January
25 January to 29 January 1 February to 5 February