Wheeled bin collection days

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – waste and recycling

Brown bin collections every 2 weeks in Maytemporary changes to bin collections.

Linford Household Waste and Recycling Centre ('the tip') will be open with safety restrictions in place from Monday 18 May. For traffic safety, a temporary one-way system will be in place from 7:30am to 5:30pm each day. Traffic from Linford will only be able to travel north on Buckingham Hill Road to the A1013 Stanford Road, and south on Butts Lane and Waltons Hall Road to Linford.

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Household waste and recycling is collected once a week. Use our A to Z of recyclable waste to check what should go in each bin.

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Street, town Day
Cabborns Crescent, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Calcutta Road, Tilbury Wednesday
Calder, East Tilbury Wednesday
Caldwell Road, Stanford-le-Hope Tuesday
Callan Grove, South Ockendon Tuesday
Calshot Avenue, Grays Friday
Cambridge Gardens, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
Camden Close, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
Camden Road, Grays Friday
Cameron Close, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Cample Lane, South Ockendon Tuesday
Canberra Square, Tilbury Wednesday
Cander Way, South Ockendon Tuesday
Cannon Close, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Capel Close, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Caravel Close, Grays Friday
Cardinal Road, Grays Friday
Carew Close, Grays Friday
Carisbrooke Drive, Corringham Monday
Carlton Road, Grays Thursday
Carnach Green, South Ockendon Tuesday
Cartel Close, Purfleet Friday
Caspian Close, Purfleet Friday
Caspian Way, Purfleet Friday
Cassell Close, Orsett Tuesday
Castle Road, Grays Friday
Caswell Close, Corringham Monday
Catalina Avenue, Grays Friday
Catharine Close, Grays Friday
Cavendish Gardens, Aveley Friday
Cawdor Avenue, South Ockendon Tuesday
Cecil Avenue, Grays Friday
Cedar Rise, South Ockendon Tuesday
Cedar Road, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
Celandine Close, South Ockendon Tuesday
Celedon Close, Grays Friday
Cement Block Cottages, Grays Thursday
Central Avenue, Aveley Friday
Central Avenue, Corringham Monday
Central Avenue, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Central Avenue, Tilbury Wednesday
Central Road, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Centurion Way, Purfleet Friday
Chadfields, Tilbury Wednesday
Chadwell Bypass, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
Chadwell Hill, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
Chadwell Road, Grays Thursday
Chafford Way, Grays Thursday
Chamberlain Avenue, Corringham Monday
Champion Close, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Chance Close, Grays Friday
Chantry Crescent, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Chapel Close, West Thurrock Friday
Charles Street, Grays Thursday
Charlotte Place, West Thurrock Friday
Charlton Street, Grays Friday
Chase Road, Corringham Monday
Chase Way, Grays Friday
Chaucer Close, Tilbury Wednesday
Cheelson Road, South Ockendon Tuesday
Chelmer Drive, South Ockendon Tuesday
Chelmer Road, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
Cherry Down, Grays Thursday
Cherry Tree Close, Grays Thursday
Cherry Tree Drive, South Ockendon Tuesday
Cherry Walk, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
Cherwell Grove, South Ockendon Tuesday
Chester Close, Grays Friday
Chesterton Way, Tilbury Wednesday
Chestnut Avenue, Grays Thursday
Chestnut Walk, Corringham Monday
Chichester Close, Aveley Friday
Chichester Close, Grays Friday
Chieftan Drive, Purfleet Friday
Chilton Road, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
China Lane, Bulphan Tuesday
Christchurch Road, Tilbury Wednesday
Church Close, Horndon on the Hill Tuesday
Church Crescent, South Ockendon Tuesday
Church Hill, Stanford-le-Hope Tuesday
Church Hollow, Purfleet Friday
Church Lane, Bulphan Tuesday
Church Lane, Purfleet Friday
Church Road, Bulphan Tuesday
Church Road, Corringham Monday
Church Road, Tilbury Wednesday
Church Road, West Tilbury Wednesday
Church Street, Grays Thursday
Church View, Aveley Friday
Churchill Crescent, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Churchill Road, Grays Thursday
Civic Square, Tilbury Wednesday
Clare Court, Aveley Friday
Claremont Close, Grays Thursday
Clarence Road, Corringham Monday
Clarence Road, Grays Thursday
Clarkbourne Drive, Grays Thursday
Claudian Way, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
Cliff Place, South Ockendon Tuesday
Clifford Road, Grays Friday
Clockhouse Lane (all except The Vicarage and Warren House), Grays Tuesday
Clockhouse Lane (The Vicarage and Warren House), Grays Friday
Cloisters, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Clover Court, Grays Thursday
Clyde, East Tilbury Wednesday
Cobham, Grays Thursday
Colbourne Close, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Colburn Way, Grays Thursday
Cole Avenue, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
Coleridge Road, Tilbury Wednesday
College Avenue, Grays Thursday
College Road, Grays Thursday
College Way, Grays Thursday
Collins Close, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Colman Close, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Colne, East Tilbury Wednesday
Colne Close, South Ockendon Tuesday
Coltsfoot Court, Grays Thursday
Colville Close, Corringham Monday
Comet Close, Purfleet Friday
Comfrey Court, Grays Thursday
Connaught Avenue, Grays Thursday
Conrad Close, Grays Thursday
Conrad Gardens, Grays Thursday
Conrad Road, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Conway Gardens, Grays Thursday
Conways Road, Orsett Tuesday
Cooke Close, Grays Friday
Coombe Rise, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Copland Road, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Copper Beech Road, South Ockendon Tuesday
Cornwall Close, Grays Friday
Cornwall Gate, Purfleet Friday
Cornwell Crescent, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Coronation Avenue, East Tilbury Wednesday
Corran Way, South Ockendon Tuesday
Corringham Road, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Corve Lane, South Ockendon Tuesday
Courtenay Drive, Grays Friday
Courtney Road, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
Courts Way, Aveley Friday
Cowper Avenue, Tilbury Wednesday
Coxes Close, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Coxon Drive, Grays Friday
Craftsman Close, Grays Thursday
Crammavill Street, Grays Thursday
Crawford Avenue, Grays Thursday
Crawley Close, Corringham Monday
Credo Way, West Thurrock Friday
Crescent Avenue, Grays Thursday
Crescent Road, Aveley Friday
Crescent Walk, Aveley Friday
Crescent Way, Aveley Friday
Crest Avenue, Grays Thursday
Cresthill Avenue, Grays Thursday
Crofton Avenue, Corringham Monday
Crofton Road, Grays Thursday
Cromwell Road, Grays Thursday
Crossway, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Crouch Road, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
Crouchman Close, Grays Thursday
Crowstone Road, Grays Thursday
Cruick Avenue, South Ockendon Tuesday
Crusader Close, Purfleet Friday
Culford Road, Grays Thursday
Cullen Square, South Ockendon Tuesday
Culverin Avenue, Grays Thursday
Cumberland Road, Grays Friday
Curling Lane, Grays Friday

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