Wheeled bin collection days

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – waste and recycling

Brown bin collections every 2 weekstemporary changes to bin collections.

Linford Household Waste and Recycling Centre (the tip) opens daily with safety restrictions in place. For traffic safety, a temporary one-way system will be in place from 7:30am to 5:30pm each day. Traffic from Linford will only be able to travel north on Buckingham Hill Road to the A1013 Stanford Road, and south on Butts Lane and Waltons Hall Road to Linford.

Street names: D

Household waste and recycling is collected once a week. Use our A to Z of recyclable waste to check what should go in each bin.

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Street, town Day
Dacre Avenue, Aveley Friday
Dacre Crescent, Aveley Friday
Daiglen Drive, South Ockendon Tuesday
Daines Close, South Ockendon Tuesday
Dale Close, South Ockendon Tuesday
Dalroy Close, South Ockendon Tuesday
Daltons Shaw, Orsett Tuesday
Danbury Crescent, South Ockendon Tuesday
Daniel Close, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
Daniel Close, Grays Friday
Darby Close, Purfleet Friday
Darenth Lane, South Ockendon Tuesday
Darnley Road, Grays Thursday
Dartview Close, Grays Thursday
Darwin Road, Tilbury Wednesday
Davis Road, Aveley Friday
Davis Road, Grays Friday
Dawley Green, South Ockendon Tuesday
Deben, East Tilbury Wednesday
Defoe Parade, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
Delafield Road, Grays Thursday
Delamere Close, Stanford-le-Hope Tuesday
Delargy Close, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
Delius Way, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Dell Road, Grays Thursday
Dene Path, South Ockendon Tuesday
Denecroft Gardens, Grays Thursday
Dennis Road, South Ockendon Tuesday
Dennises Lane, South Ockendon Tuesday
Dennises Lane, Upminster Tuesday
Dent Close, South Ockendon Tuesday
Derry Avenue, South Ockendon Tuesday
Devereux Road, Grays Friday
Deveron Gardens, South Ockendon Tuesday
Devonshire Close, Grays Friday
Devonshire Gardens, Linford Wednesday
Dexter Close, Grays Thursday
Diamond Close, Grays Friday
Diana Close, Grays Friday
Dickens Avenue, Tilbury Wednesday
Digby Road, Corringham Monday
Dock Road, Grays Thursday
Dock Road, Tilbury Wednesday
Doesgate Lane, Bulphan Tuesday
Doncella Close, Grays Friday
Dorset Gardens, Linford Wednesday
Douglas Close, Grays Friday
Dove Close, Grays Friday
Dowland Close, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Doyle Way, Tilbury Wednesday
Drake Road, Grays Friday
Draper Close, West Thurrock Friday
Dryden Place, Tilbury Wednesday
Duarte Place, Grays Friday
Dudley Close, Grays Friday
Duffield Close, Grays Friday
Dukes Avenue, Grays Thursday
Dunkellin Grove, South Ockendon Tuesday
Dunkellin Way, South Ockendon Tuesday
Dunlop Road, Tilbury Wednesday
Dunning Close, South Ockendon Tuesday
Dunnings Lane, Bulphan Tuesday
Dunstable Road, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Dupre Close, Grays Friday
Durninge Walk, Grays Thursday

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