Wheeled bin collection days

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – waste and recycling

Brown bin collections every 2 weekstemporary changes to bin collections.

Linford Household Waste and Recycling Centre (the tip) opens daily with safety restrictions in place. For traffic safety, a temporary one-way system will be in place from 7:30am to 5:30pm each day. Traffic from Linford will only be able to travel north on Buckingham Hill Road to the A1013 Stanford Road, and south on Butts Lane and Waltons Hall Road to Linford.

Street names: H

Household waste and recycling is collected once a week. Use our A to Z of recyclable waste to check what should go in each bin.

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Street, town Day
Hadfield Road, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Haig Road, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
Halfway Court, Purfleet Friday
Hall Avenue, Aveley Friday
Hall Close, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Hall Crescent, Aveley Friday
Hall Lane, South Ockendon Tuesday
Hall Road, Aveley Friday
Hall Terrace, Aveley Friday
Halt Drive, Linford Wednesday
Halton Road, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
Hamble Lane, South Ockendon Tuesday
Hampden Road, Grays Thursday
Hampshire Gardens, Linford Wednesday
Hampton Close, Grays Friday
Handel Crescent, Tilbury Wednesday
Hanford Road, Aveley Friday
Hardie Road, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Harding Road, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
Harper Close, Grays Friday
Harrap Chase, Grays Friday
Harrington Crescent, Grays Tuesday
Harris Close, Corringham Monday
Harrow Lane, Bulphan Tuesday
Harty Close, Grays Thursday
Harvey, Grays Thursday
Haskins, Corringham Monday
Hassenbrook Road, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Hastings Close, Grays Wednesday
Hatfield Road, Grays Friday
Hathaway Gardens, Grays Thursday
Hathaway Road, Grays Thursday
Hatton Close, Grays Friday
Haven Place, Grays Thursday
Havis Road, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Hawkins Drive, Grays Friday
Hawkridge Drive, Grays Thursday
Hawthorne Road, Corringham Monday
Hayes Close, West Thurrock Friday
Hayle, East Tilbury Wednesday
Hayley Close, Grays Friday
Hazel Drive, South Ockendon Tuesday
Hazel Gardens, Grays Thursday
Hazelwood, Linford Wednesday
Hearsall Avenue, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Heath Road, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
Heath View Gardens, Grays Thursday
Heath View Road, Grays Thursday
Heathland Way, Grays Thursday
Hedingham Road, Grays Friday
Helleborine, Grays Friday
Hemley Road, Orsett Wednesday
Henry De Grey Close, Grays Friday
Hepburn Close, Grays Friday
Herd Lane, Corringham Monday
Herga Hyll, Orsett Tuesday
Hew Watt Close, Orsett Tuesday
High Ash Close, Linford Wednesday
High House Lane, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
High Road, Fobbing Monday
High Road, Grays Tuesday
High Road, Horndon on the Hill Tuesday
High Road, Orsett Tuesday
High Road, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
High Street, Aveley Friday
High Street, Grays Thursday
High Street, Purfleet Friday
High Street, Stanford-le-Hope Tuesday
High View Avenue, Grays Thursday
High View Gardens, Grays Thursday
Highfield Gardens, Grays Thursday
Highland Road, Corringham Monday
Hill House Drive, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
Hillcrest Avenue, West Thurrock Friday
Hillcrest Close, Horndon on the Hill Tuesday
Hillcrest Road, Horndon on the Hill Tuesday
Hillside, Grays Thursday
Hilltop Road, West Thurrock Friday
Hillview Gardens, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Hobart Road, Tilbury Wednesday
Hobhouse Road, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Hodges Close, Grays Friday
Hoford Road, West Tilbury Wednesday
Hogarth Road, Grays Thursday
Hogg Lane, Grays Thursday
Hollis Place, Grays Thursday
Hollowfield Avenue, Grays Thursday
Holly Drive, South Ockendon Tuesday
Hollymead, Corringham Monday
Holmes Close, Horndon on the Hill Tuesday
Holst Close, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Holyrood Gardens, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
Hope Avenue, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Hopewell Close, Grays Friday
Hornbeam Chase, South Ockendon Tuesday
Horndon Road, Horndon on the Hill Tuesday
Hornsby Lane, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
Hove Close, Grays Wednesday
Howard Road, Grays Friday
Howell Road, Corringham Monday
Hudsons Close, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Hughes Road, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
Humber Avenue, South Ockendon Tuesday
Hume Avenue, Tilbury Wednesday
Hume Close, Tilbury Wednesday
Hyde Close, Grays Friday
Hyder Road, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday

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