Wheeled bin collection days

Street names: H

Household waste and recycling blue bins and green/grey bins are collected once a week. Brown bins are collected every 2 weeks. Use our A to Z of recyclable waste to check what should go in each bin.

For brown bin collections, your street will either be a 'Week 1' street or a 'Week 2' street.

Week 1 and Week 2 collection dates are at the end of this page, or go to bin collection days.

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Street, town Day Brown bin
Hadfield Road, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Haig Road, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday Week 1
Halfway Court, Purfleet-on-Thames Friday Week 2
Hall Avenue, Aveley Friday Week 2
Hall Close, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 1
Hall Crescent, Aveley Friday Week 2
Hall Lane, South Ockendon Tuesday Week 1
Hall Road, Aveley Friday Week 2
Hall Terrace, Aveley Friday Week 2
Halt Drive, Linford Wednesday Week 2
Halton Road, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday Week 2
Hamble Lane, South Ockendon Tuesday Week 1
Hampden Road, Grays Thursday Week 2
Hampshire Gardens, Linford Wednesday Week 2
Hampton Close, Grays Friday Week 1
Handel Crescent, Tilbury Wednesday Week 1
Hanford Road, Aveley Friday Week 2
Hardie Road, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Harding Road, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday Week 1
Harper Close, Grays Friday Week 1
Harrap Chase, Grays Friday Week 1
Harrington Crescent, Grays Tuesday Week 1
Harris Close, Corringham Monday Week 1
Harrow Lane, Bulphan Tuesday Week 2
Harty Close, Grays Thursday Week 1
Harvey, Grays Thursday Week 1
Haskins, Corringham Monday Week 2
Hassenbrook Road, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Hastings Close, Grays Wednesday Week 1
Hatfield Road, Grays Friday Week 1
Hathaway Gardens, Grays Thursday Week 2
Hathaway Road, Grays Thursday Week 2
Hatton Close, Grays Friday Week 1
Haven Place, Grays Thursday Week 1
Havis Road, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 1
Hawkins Drive, Grays Friday Week 1
Hawkridge Drive, Grays Thursday Week 2
Hawthorne Road, Corringham Monday Week 1
Hayes Close, West Thurrock Friday Week 1
Hayle, East Tilbury Wednesday Week 2
Hayley Close, Grays Friday Week 1
Hazel Drive, South Ockendon Tuesday Week 1
Hazel Gardens, Grays Thursday Week 2
Hazelwood, Linford Wednesday Week 2
Hearsall Avenue, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Heath Road, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday Week 1
Heath View Gardens, Grays Thursday Week 1
Heath View Road, Grays Thursday Week 1
Heathland Way, Grays Thursday Week 2
Heathlyn Close, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday Week 2
Hedingham Road, Grays Friday Week 1
Helleborine, Grays Friday Week 1
Hemley Road, Orsett Wednesday Week 2
Henry De Grey Close, Grays Friday Week 1
Hepburn Close, Grays Friday Week 1
Herd Lane, Corringham Monday Week 1
Herga Hyll, Orsett Tuesday Week 2
Hew Watt Close, Orsett Tuesday Week 2
High Ash Close, Linford Wednesday Week 2
High House Lane, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday Week 2
High Road, Fobbing Monday Week 1
High Road, Grays Tuesday Week 2
High Road, Horndon on the Hill Tuesday Week 2
High Road, Orsett Tuesday Week 2
High Road, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 1
High Street, Aveley Friday Week 2
High Street, Grays Thursday Week 2
High Street, Purfleet-on-Thames Friday Week 2
High Street, Stanford-le-Hope Tuesday Week 2
High View Avenue, Grays Thursday Week 2
High View Gardens, Grays Thursday Week 2
Highfield Gardens, Grays Thursday Week 1
Highland Road, Corringham Monday Week 1
Hill House Drive, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday Week 2
Hillcrest Avenue, West Thurrock Friday Week 1
Hillcrest Close, Horndon on the Hill Tuesday Week 2
Hillcrest Road, Horndon on the Hill Tuesday Week 2
Hillside, Grays Thursday Week 2
Hilltop Road, West Thurrock Friday Week 1
Hillview Gardens, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 1
Hobart Road, Tilbury Wednesday Week 1
Hobhouse Road, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Hodges Close, Grays Friday Week 1
Hoford Road, West Tilbury Wednesday Week 2
Hogarth Road, Grays Thursday Week 1
Hogg Lane, Grays Thursday Week 2
Hollis Place, Grays Thursday Week 2
Hollowfield Avenue, Grays Thursday Week 2
Holly Drive, South Ockendon Tuesday Week 1
Hollymead, Corringham Monday Week 2
Holmes Close, Horndon on the Hill Tuesday Week 2
Holst Close, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Holyrood Gardens, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday Week 2
Hope Avenue, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 1
Hopewell Close, Grays Friday Week 1
Hornbeam Chase, South Ockendon Tuesday Week 1
Horndon Road, Horndon on the Hill Tuesday Week 2
Hornsby Lane, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday Week 1
Hove Close, Grays Wednesday Week 1
Howard Road, Grays Friday Week 1
Howell Road, Corringham Monday Week 1
Hudsons Close, Stanford-le-Hope Monday Week 2
Hughes Road, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday Week 1
Humber Avenue, South Ockendon Tuesday Week 1
Hume Avenue, Tilbury Wednesday Week 1
Hume Close, Tilbury Wednesday Week 1
Hyde Close, Grays Friday Week 1
Hyder Road, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday Week 2

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Brown bins – Week 1 and Week 2 next collection dates
Week 1 – Monday to Friday Week 2 – Monday to Friday
3 May to 7 May 10 May to 14 May
17 May to 21 May 24 May to 28 May
31 May to 4 June 7 June to 11 June
14 June to 18 June 21 June 25 June