Wheeled bin collection days

Friday wheeled bin collections

Major works in London Road, West Thurrock are taking place from May to October 2019. During this time our waste crews will start their Friday collections an hour earlier than usual, at 5am instead of 6am, to allow more time to complete their rounds.

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Household rubbish, recycling and kitchen and garden waste is collected once a week. Use our A to Z of recyclable waste to check what should go in each bin.

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Street, town Day
Taits, Corringham Monday
Tallis Close, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Tamar Drive, Aveley Friday
Tamarisk Road, South Ockendon Tuesday
Tank Lane, Purfleet Friday
Tany Mead, Aveley Friday
Tasker Road, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
Tasman Close, Corringham Monday
Templer Avenue, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
Tennyson Avenue, Grays Thursday
Tennyson Walk, Tilbury Wednesday
Teviot Avenue, Aveley Friday
Thackeray Avenue, Tilbury Wednesday
Thames Close, Corringham Monday
Thames Crescent, Corringham Monday
Thames Drive, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
Thames Haven Road, Corringham Monday
Thames View, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
Thamley, Purfleet Friday
The Acres, Corringham Monday
The Avenue, Fobbing Monday
The Beeches, Tilbury Wednesday
The Chase, West Thurrock Friday
The Circle, Tilbury Wednesday
The Close, Grays Thursday
The Firs, Grays Thursday
The Geerings, Corringham Monday
The Glen, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
The Green, Orsett Tuesday
The Green, South Ockendon Tuesday
The Green, Stanford-le-Hope Tuesday
The Green, West Tilbury Wednesday
The Griffins, Grays Thursday
The Haven, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
The Hawthorns, Corringham Monday
The Hollies, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
The Limes, Purfleet Friday
The Mount, Corringham Monday
The Pines, Grays Thursday
The Retreat, Grays Thursday
The Rookery, West Thurrock Friday
The Sorrells, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
The Spinney, Orsett Tuesday
The Tyrells, Corringham Monday
The Willows, Grays Thursday
Theobalds Avenue, Grays Thursday
Third Avenue, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Third Avenue, West Thurrock Friday
Thomas Bata Avenue, East Tilbury Wednesday
Thorley Road, Grays Thursday
Thors Oak, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Thurloe Walk, Grays Thursday
Toft Avenue, Grays Thursday
Tomkins Close, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Toplands Avenue, Aveley Friday
Torel Way, Grays Thursday
Torino Way, South Ockendon Tuesday
Toronto Road, Tilbury Wednesday
Torridge, East Tilbury Wednesday
Trent, East Tilbury Wednesday
Tripat Close, Fobbing Monday
Triumph Close, Grays Friday
Tudor Avenue, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Turnpike Lane, West Tilbury Wednesday
Turnstone Close, East Tilbury Wednesday
Turold Road, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Turp Avenue, Grays Thursday
Tweed, East Tilbury Wednesday
Tyne, East Tilbury Wednesday
Tyne Gardens, Aveley Friday
Tyrrells Hall Close, Grays Thursday
Tyssen Place, South Ockendon Tuesday

Street names: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y