Wheeled bin collection days

Friday wheeled bin collections

Major works in London Road, West Thurrock are taking place from May to October 2019. During this time our waste crews will start their Friday collections an hour earlier than usual, at 5am instead of 6am, to allow more time to complete their rounds.

Street names: W

Household rubbish, recycling and kitchen and garden waste is collected once a week. Use our A to Z of recyclable waste to check what should go in each bin.

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Street, town Day
Waldon, East Tilbury Wednesday
Walkers Square, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Wallace Road, Grays Thursday
Walpole Close, Grays Thursday
Waltons Hall Road, Linford Wednesday
Warburtons, Corringham Monday
Ward Avenue, Grays Thursday
Warley Hall Lane, Bulphan Tuesday
Warren Heights, Grays Friday
Warren Lane, Grays Friday
Warrene Close, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Water Lane, Purfleet Friday
Waterson Road, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
Waterworks Lane, Fobbing Monday
Watts Crescent, Purfleet Friday
Waverley Gardens, Grays Thursday
Wayfaring Green, Grays Friday
Webster Road, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Weelkes Close, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Well Lane, Grays Tuesday
Welland, East Tilbury Wednesday
Welling Road, Orsett Wednesday
Wellington Road, Tilbury Wednesday
Wentworth Place, Grays Thursday
Wentworth Road, Stanford-le-Hope Tuesday
West Road, South Ockendon Tuesday
Westland View, Grays Thursday
Weydale, Corringham Monday
Weymouth Drive, Grays Friday
Wharf Close, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Wharf Road, Fobbing Monday
Wharf Road, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Wharf Road (all except 2-20), Grays Wednesday
Wharf Road (2-20), Grays Friday
Wharf Road South, Grays Wednesday
Wheatley Road, Corringham Monday
Whitebeam Drive, South Ockendon Tuesday
Whitehall Lane, Fobbing Monday
Whitehall Lane, Grays Thursday
Whitehall Road, Grays Thursday
Whitfields, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Whitmore Avenue, Grays Thursday
Whitmore Close, Orsett Wednesday
Whybrews, Corringham Monday
Wickham Road, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
Wilde Close, Tilbury Wednesday
William Street, Grays Thursday
Williamsons Way, Corringham Monday
Willow Hill, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Wills Hill, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Wilsman Road, South Ockendon Tuesday
Wilson Close, Stanford-le-Hope Tuesday
Windermere Avenue, Purfleet Friday
Windsor Avenue, Corringham Monday
Windsor Avenue, Grays Thursday
Wingfield, Grays Friday
Wingfield Drive, Orsett Tuesday
Wokindon Road, Chadwell St Mary Wednesday
Wood Avenue, Purfleet Friday
Wood Street, Grays Thursday
Wood View, Grays Thursday
Woodbridge Way, Stanford-le-Hope Tuesday
Woodbrooke Way, Corringham Monday
Woodcutters Avenue, Grays Thursday
Woodend Close, Grays Thursday
Woodlands Close, Grays Thursday
Woodmanhurst Road, Corringham Monday
Woodside Close, Grays Thursday
Woodward Close, Grays Thursday
Woodward Heights, Grays Thursday
Woolf Walk, Tilbury Wednesday
Woolifers Avenue, Corringham Monday
Woolings Close, Orsett Tuesday
Worcester Close, Stanford-le-Hope Monday
Wordsworth Close, Tilbury Wednesday
Wren Walk, Tilbury Wednesday

Street names: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y