Little Pirates Nursery and Neptune Nursery

Working with parents

We believe that parents and carers are the child's first educators and we strongly value our relationship with you.

You are encouraged to have an active part in your child's play and learning. Our doors will always be open and welcoming to you at any time.

Separation can be traumatic for you and your child; so we encourage you to stay until you both feel comfortable and secure. It's important for us build a relationship so we can support, understand and talk with each other for the benefit of you, your child and us.

We consult parents to make sure all a child's needs are met – this information will be added to the child's records. Your child will be settled into nursery according to their needs. If you would like to phone and see how your child is settling in, please feel free to do so at any time.

We create an environment in which children are safe from abuse – any suspicions of abuse will be dealt with promptly and appropriately. Our first concern is the child.

Ways we can help each other

We advise all parents and carers:

  • make sure your child can easily manage clothing when going to the toilet – dungarees and braces are always very difficult for young children to undo
  • don't dress your child in their best clothing – we provide aprons for mess and water play, but cannot guarantee that accidents won't happen
  • clearly name all items of your child clothes to help us find them if they're misplaced or lost
  • mobile phone and electronic devices are not to be used at any time within the nursery or garden areas – please leave the premises if you need to use your phone or device

Please discuss with us any particular worries or special changes at home –.for example, if you are moving house, expecting a baby or have experienced a death in the family. This will, of course, be kept confidential but assists us when helping your child. Tilbury Children's Centre can offer you support if you in such a situation

Our staff

All families are given a 'key person' – this will be explained to you when settling in.

We employ experienced and qualified staff to look after your children. Our employees have been chosen carefully to ensure that they provide a warm and rich environment for the children to play and learn.

Our employees have an on-going training program and continuously gain more qualifications.