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Civil partnership registration

Civil partnerships enable couples – of the same sex or opposite sex – to obtain legal recognition of their relationship.

Couples who form a civil partnership have the legal status of 'civil partner'.

To form a civil partnership, a couple must first enter notice of their intention to register. Before entering notice each of the couple will need to have a 7-day residential qualification and give notice in the area where they live prior to the formation of their civil partnership.

To enter into a civil partnership, the couple must:

  • be over 18 years-old, or provide evidence of consent if over 16 years-old
  • not be related to each other within the prohibited degrees of relationship
  • not be in an existing marriage or civil partnership

There will be a 28-day waiting period once notice of intention to register has been given, before the formation can take place.

A civil partnership can be formed either in a register office or at an approved licensed venue of choice.

The civil partnership will be formed once the couple have signed in the presence of a registration officer and 2 witnesses.

There is no legal requirement for a ceremony, but we will be happy to offer a ceremony if you would like one.

There are procedures in place to reduce the 28-day waiting period where there are compelling reasons to do so, or for a formation to take place at the residence of someone who is housebound, detained or seriously ill and not expected to recover.

Fees apply for giving the notice of intention to register, and for the formation of a civil partnership in the Register Office. There is also a charge for certificates applied for on, or after, the day of the registration.

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Our emergency out-of-hours contact service can be used for emergency marriages or civil partnerships for terminally ill residents.