Motorcycle, scooter and board nuisance

Dealing with nuisance

Accidents involving motorbikes, quad bikes, mopeds, motorised skateboards, hoverboards or scooters can cause serious injuries to their riders and other people.

Illegal use

It is an offence for a person in charge of a motorcycle to ride:

  • on private land without the consent from the land owner
  • on public land including parks, play areas and green spaces
  • on a road or public highway without valid documents, licence, insurance and helmet

Offenders may be arrested and prosecuted. Their vehicles may be seized.

If you cause criminal damage – for example, damage to a playing field caused by ruts left by motorcycles – you could be prosecuted and sued for the cost of the damage.

A person who rides dangerously and injures or kills someone else - a passenger, another road user or pedestrian - faces possible imprisonment.

If you have information about offenders, or know where bikes are illegally ridden and stored, you can report them below.

Reporting offenders

: 101 for Essex Police

Go to Essex Police: Report for other ways to report crimes, issues and incidents.

Phone 0800 555 111 to report anonymously to Crimestoppers

Parents' responsibility

Parents may be responsible for paying fines incurred if a motor vehicle is seized from their child.

Think before you buy your child a motorised vehicle.

If parents are the owners of a motorcycle, it can be classed as 'aiding and abetting' if they permit the illegal use of a motorcycle. Even if a parent just buys petrol for a motorcycle they then allows it to be ridden illegally, they could be aiding and abetting the rider to commit offences. Owners can be prosecuted in addition to riders.