Motorcycle, scooter and board nuisance

Ride legal and safe

By law, you must where a crash helmet when riding your bike – it can save your life.

You need a driving licence to ride a motorcycle on the road. Learners cannot ride a motorcycle over 125cc until passing a test, unless over 21 years-old and on a direct access course.

A motorcycle needs insurance to be in any public place, whether the motorcycle is being ridden or only being pushed – even if being pushed along a footpath.

If your bike is more than 3 years-old, make sure it has a valid MOT test certificate. This applies if the motorcycle is being ridden or just being pushed.

Make sure your bike has a registration number, even if it is only being pushed on the road.

To be legal on a road – even if only being pushed – a motorcycle must have all the usual equipment to be fitted and working. This includes:

  • lights
  • brakes
  • brake lights
  • horn
  • speedometer
  • good tyres