Music education

Instrument hire

We have a wide range of instruments for hire.

Hire charges and form

You can hire a first instrument for free during the first term of hire, if you are either a:

  • Thurrock Music Services student
  • Thurrock Music Services ensemble member who attends on a regular basis and will play the hired instrument in the ensemble

Stringed instruments are available in various sizes.

Instrument Thurrock Music Services student or ensemble member Other student
Bassoon – full-sized £25 £100
Bassoon – mini £25 £80
Bassoon – short reach £25 £100
Cello £25 £60
Clarinet £25 £40
Cornet £25 £40
Double Bass £25 £100
Euphonium £25 £50
Flute £25 £40
French Horn £25 £50
Guitar – acoustic / classical £15 £25
Guitar – electric £25 £40
Keyboard £25 £50
Oboe £25 £60
Saxophone £25 £50
Trombone £25 £40
Trumpet £25 £40
Tuba £25 £100
Viola £25 £40
Violin £25 £40

Thurrock Music Services students who are eligible for free school meals can get a 50% discount on hire fees when providing proof of their eligibility.

Complete the application form if you would like to hire an instrument.

All listed prices are subject to change. All instruments for hire are subject to availability.

Collecting or returning instruments

Instrument collections and returns are by appointment only. You should contact us using the email address below to book an appointment.

We do not provide a collection or return service.


All instruments are insured under a blanket all risks policy arranged through Allianz. Insurance is included in the hire price. The hirer must keep the property in a good state of repair and take all reasonable precautions to prevent accidents, loss or damage.

Assisted musical instrument purchase scheme

The scheme is available to students of school age who are receiving tuition through us and intend to continue for a period of at least 6 months after purchase.

Through this scheme, instruments can be purchased without VAT for educational purposes. Full payment is needed before an order is placed.

Contact us

You can contact us for more information on musical instrument hire or assisted purchase. Email us to arrange an appointment for the collection or return of instruments.

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