Health and Wellbeing Strategy plans to 'level the playing field'

30 June 2022

An ambitious plan for improving the health and wellbeing of Thurrock residents, ensuring fair and improved access for all, was agreed by Health and Wellbeing Board last week and noted at the meeting of Council last night (Wednesday 29 June).

The Health and Wellbeing Strategy, developed by the Thurrock Health and Wellbeing Board partnership, outlines the overarching plan to tackle the many causes of poor health across the borough. The strategy aims to 'level the playing field', enabling healthcare to be increasingly open and fair by driving real change across 6 key areas. These include:

  • building strong, safe communities
  • focusing on person-led health and care
  • ensuring equal opportunities for all

Cllr Deb Huelin, Cabinet Member for Health and Chair of the Thurrock Health and Wellbeing Board, said: "I'm delighted that this strategy was approved and is now ready to progress to the next stage of development.

"There are so many factors that impact our health and wellbeing – employment, access to green spaces, strong resilient communities and access to high quality housing to name a few – and this strategy considers each of these areas and how by improving them, we can ensure residents can access stronger healthcare services as well as improve other factors that have a negative impact on their day to day lives. The strategy has been closely aligned with the 'Backing Thurrock' Economic Growth Strategy and will use this as a way to successfully deliver our exciting plans.

"Here in Thurrock we are very fortunate to have strong working connections with fantastic partners including the NHS, voluntary sector and our communities, who have all contributed to setting the health and wellbeing outcomes of the strategy through to 2026.

"We also need to ensure that everyone, even those who don’t wish or are unable to play a bigger part in their community can make those differences that will improve how they feel as well as their health. By working together I am confident that we can deliver this ambitious transformation across healthcare that brings a real, positive and lasting change to the lifestyles of our residents."

The Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2022 to 2026 can be read as part of the Council meeting agenda and reports, 29 January 2022 (item 15).