Tell us what you think of local pharmacy services

10 January 2022

Today, Monday 10 January, the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) survey has opened for you to tell us what you think of local pharmacy services.

Chair of Thurrock Health and Wellbeing Board, Cllr James Halden, said: "Pharmacies have gone above and beyond throughout the pandemic and for many of us, have been the first point of call supporting with health issues we have faced.

"We want to hear what you think of pharmacy services in Thurrock to help us develop services in the future including accessibility of pharmacy services and how these will be maintained and developed.

"The short survey is confidential and I encourage you to be honest with your answers so we can accurately access areas where pharmacies are already performing well and areas that require further improvement."

Thurrock Health and Wellbeing Board have a statutory duty to publish a PNA every 3 years under the NHS Regulations 2013. As part of this, the board carries out a survey of pharmacy services in order to understand what is working well and identify areas that need improvement. The results of the survey help us ensure that services meet the health needs of Thurrock residents in the future.

In Thurrock, pharmaceutical services are provided from community pharmacies, internet pharmacies, and providers of specialist medical appliances, also known as appliance contractors. Community pharmacies work alongside GP surgeries to provide communities with healthcare support and advice and are often the first point of contact when people are concerned about their health. Your pharmacy is an alternative to your GP for advice on looking after minor illnesses in yourself and your family – for example, coughs and colds or long-term conditions such as arthritis or diabetes.

Anyone who uses local pharmaceutical services in the borough is invited to have your say. The survey will be live through to Friday 4 February, for more information and to complete the survey go to