St Clements Way re-opened and repair work taking place

6 September 2022

Thurrock Council's Highways teams is working to repair St Clements Way, West Thurrock so it can fully re-open for traffic as quickly as possible after it had been damaged by protestors who tunnelled underneath it. In the meantime, St Clements Way is accessible to traffic with a contraflow system and temporary traffic lights in place.

The final 3 protestors were arrested on Sunday 4 September and have all been charged with intentionally or recklessly causing a public nuisance and criminal damage. The extensive damage that has been done under the road means it cannot be fully opened until repairs have taken place on Friday 9 September.

Cllr Ben Maney, Cabinet member for Highways and Transport, said: "There has been considerable damage done to the road and costly repairs are required before it can be fully re-opened. The road is currently accessible however a contraflow system will be required until those extensive repairs can take place on Friday.

"Essex Police has now handed responsibility for the road back to Thurrock Council and our highways team immediately got to work on Monday 5 September to ensure the road can re-open to all vehicles as quickly as possible.

"This hopefully brings an end to the disruption caused by these fuel protestors targeting roads in Thurrock over the last fortnight."

As well as the contraflow, traffic can also use alternative routes to avoid St Clements Way until works are complete.

For more information about the lengthy police operation, go to Essex Police.