Council to test preparedness for the potential impact of coronavirus

13 March 2020

Following a speech by the Leader of Thurrock Council at a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday 11 March, the council will be testing its preparedness for the potential impact of coronavirus COVID-19 through its business continuity plans.

On Tuesday 17 March, some council officers will be working remotely where possible to test the technical elements of the continuity plans.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Rob Gledhill, said: "I would absolutely like to reinforce that the council is not closing for business and all services will continue as normal. Face-to-face, direct contact and contact centre services will remain open to residents and all services across the borough will continue as normal.

"This is a one-day test that will ensure we are totally clear on our capabilities to deal with all eventualities in light of the changing daily situation."

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