Road markings to thank the NHS

22 April 2020

A pair of special road markings to thank NHS workers for all they are doing to help and protect the people of Thurrock have been painted on the road outside Thurrock Hospital in Long Lane, Grays. Similar road markings are planned for Orsett tomorrow (Thursday 23 April).

Leader of Thurrock Council, Cllr Rob Gledhill, said: "We have all seen the fantastic rainbows in resident’s windows thanking the NHS for all they are doing at this time and we wanted to celebrate the extraordinary contribution being made by our NHS workers on a daily basis.

"It seemed fitting to paint a huge thank-you message in the road on the approaches to Thurrock Hospital and in Orsett. Now all staff will get a daily reminder of just how much Thurrock and the entire nation appreciates everything they are doing.

"Additionally our vehicles across the borough will be displaying signs thanking the NHS, volunteers and front line staff who working so hard in tackling this virus and keeping the borough and country running. We wanted a daily reminder of how grateful we are of the hard work, dedication and sacrifice of those working so hard to help us all.

"I would like to thank our contractor Henderson and Taylor who donated the labour and materials for these colourful road markings for free to show how much we all appreciate our NHS heroes."

The two huge signs have been painted in Long Lane, Grays, immediately outside the hospital entrance. Two additional road markings will be added in Orsett – one in School Lane and the other in Rowley Road.

Last Thursday, Thurrock Council illuminated the Thameside Theatre in blue, and displayed a thank-you message on the digital sign, as the nation came out to Clap for our Carers. The council will continue to do this every Thursday at 8pm

Photo below: road markings in Long Lane, Grays.