Support for businesses, sports clubs and community groups

27 March 2020

Thurrock Council has agreed to offer local businesses, sports clubs and community groups extra support by agreeing to defer rental payments to those that rent their premises from the council. 

Following the announcement earlier this week that the council is deferring all business rate bills a month from April, it has now announced that it will defer all rental payments for the business and clubs that rent from Thurrock Council for the first quarter (April to June). Invoices will still be issued and these organisations can still make payments should they wish.

Cllr Shane Hebb, Cabinet member for finance said: "This is a time of uncertainty for many of the borough’s businesses, sports clubs and community groups and we want to make sure that we are doing everything we can to give them the breathing space they need while the government puts plans in place for the business support measures they have announced. It will also give sport and community groups financial relief during a time when they will not be able to hold events and meetings to raise money and collect subs.

"By deferring rent payment for three months the many businesses and groups that rent their premises from the council will have a chance to get government support and better manage cash flow in this critical period.

"It follows my earlier announcement that we are deferring business rate payments from April. We are taking unprecedented steps to support our businesses in this difficult time."