Vaccine push in Thurrock on Saturday 26 June

25 June 2021

On Saturday 26 June, anyone aged 18 or over who has not yet had their first vaccine or is now due to have their second dose, can get a walk-in appointment at Stifford Clays Health Centre without booking ahead.

Anyone 18 or over will be able to walk in and get their jab while going about their usual weekend business – without needing to book a time in advance, thanks to the NHS's 'Grab a Jab' weekend.

Second doses will also be available, as long as it has been 8 weeks since the first dose for people aged 40 and over, and 12 weeks for people under 40.

There is no need to book ahead, simply show up at Stifford Clays Health Centre, Crammavill Street, Grays between 8am and 8pm on 26 June. Residents who are not registered with a GP are also welcome to come and have the vaccine.

Cllr Allen Mayes, Cabinet member for health, said: "We are now entering the final crucial stages of the biggest vaccine programme in the history of the NHS. There has already been more than 160,000 doses given in Thurrock and now we want to make sure that no one misses out on the protection that the vaccine offers.

"Public Health England analysis has shown that having both doses of the vaccine is over 90% effective against hospitalisation from the Delta variant so I would urge anyone who has not had the vaccine, or is now eligible for the second dose, to make sure they head along to Stifford Clays Health Centre this weekend."