Flag of Ukraine raised to show solidarity and support

2 March 2022

Thurrock Council is flying the flag of Ukraine at the Civic Offices, in a show of solidarity following the invasion by forces from the Federation of Russia.

The flag raising ceremony was attended by Cllr Sue Shinnick, the Mayor of Thurrock, and councillors from across the chamber. As well as the raising the flag, Thameside Complex is being lit in yellow and blue as a further show of support.

Leader of Thurrock Council, Cllr Rob Gledhill, who spoke at the flag raising, said: "We have joined local authorities from around the country in proudly flying the Ukrainian flag, as an act of solidarity for the people and government of the sovereign state of Ukraine during this dark time for their nation.

"We share the world's disgust at the brutal and unjustified attack from the Russian Federation, and want to show our solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

"The Ukrainians have shown the world how hard a nation will fight when their independence is threatened with attack. They are brave, determined, resolute and steadfast in their opposition to this appalling invasion by Russian aggressors.

"By flying this flag we want them to know that they have friends and supporters all over the world and that we join the international community in condemning any force that would use violence and aggression to silence the true voice of democracy.

"I would also extend our thanks to the good people of Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova who are doing all they can to support the thousands of refugees flowing over their borders, many whom are older, vulnerable or mothers with children."

Photo below: with the flag of Ukraine, outside the Civic Offices in New Road, Grays.