Enforcement action sees fly-tip cleared

31 August 2018

Action taken by Thurrock Council Environmental Enforcement Officers, working with a private land owner, has seen a pile of fly-tipped waste cleared from an alleyway in less than 2 days.

After officers found the waste, which had been dumped on private land at the rear of Southland Terrace in London Road, Purfleet, they issued a Community Protection Notice (CPN) to the landowner in Jersey who acted immediately to clear the waste.

Cllr Rob Gledhill, Leader of Thurrock Council, said: "This waste had been left on private land and it was not the council's responsibility to remove it.

"Our Environmental Enforcement Officers tracked down the landowner and issued a CPN to remove the waste and, to their credit, just 2 days later the waste had been cleared entirely.

"It is great to see our Environmental Enforcement Officers and responsible land owners working together like this to make sure that fly-tipped waste is cleared.

"We investigate all instances of fly-tipping and not only alert landowners of their responsibilities but when evidence can be found we will track down perpetrators to prosecute them."