Fly-tippers caught red-handed

7 March 2019

Off-duty Thurrock Council Enforcement Officers caught 2 suspected fly-tippers red-handed dumping 92 lorry tyres in a lay-by in Purfleet yesterday evening (Wednesday 6 March).

The officers, who were on their way home from a busy shift, spotted the two men unloading the tyres from the back of an HGV and established they were in the act of fly-tipping dozens of tyres.

After the police were called to the scene the two men admitted their involvement in the crime and could now face prosecution, which could result in a large fine or even imprisonment.

As well as catching the culprits in the act, this quick thinking by the council’s Enforcement Officers means that council tax-payers have been saved a minimum £20,000 clean-up bill, the cost Thurrock Council would have faced to remove and dispose of the tyres.

This incident illustrates the zero tolerance approach Thurrock Council takes on fly-tipping and demonstrates how vigilant and hard-working its Enforcement Officers are. Whether they are on-duty or off, Enforcement Officers will always take action against wrongdoers attempting to use our borough for their criminal activities.