New waste vehicles coming to Thurrock

24 March 2022

The first new waste collection vehicles, which are part of a £4.6million investment in household waste collection in Thurrock, have arrived at Thurrock Council's waste depot.

In the coming months, a total of 21 waste collection vehicles will come into use to replace the current fleet. these will allow the introduction of food waste collections and help improve household waste collections.

Cllr Andrew Jefferies, Cabinet Member for Environment, Sports and Leisure, was at the depot to see one of the new vehicles for himself. He said: "We are investing millions in these new state-of-the-art bin lorries. They will allow us to improve how we collect household waste and help us to increase the boroughs recycling rates.

"The lorries are more fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly than our old fleet. They are extremely manoeuvrable to allow us to access residential roads across the borough more easily, and have a larger load capacity than the current fleet, which means they can stay out for longer and take fewer trips to drop-off waste.

"New lorries with multiple compartments will also be coming to Thurrock as part of this investment. They will allow us to improve recycling and introduce a weekly food recycling collection for all houses in the borough.

"These improvements will help us hit government targets that 50% of household waste must be recycled. More recycling and fewer journeys by more efficient waste vehicles will help us to improve the borough's environment.

"Residents will begin to see the new green and grey vehicles out in the borough now as they are already being used for crew training and familiarity. We will soon be launching a new recycling campaign which will be advertised on these new vehicles so keep an eye out for that as well.

"This is yet more investment in the frontline services we know matter most to the residents of Thurrock."

Photo below: Cllr Jefferies in one of Thurrock's new bin lorries.