Litter offenders pay in excess of £4,000

8 February 2019

Thurrock Council has continued its crackdown on littering in the borough after 8 litter bugs were forced to pay more than £4,000 between them.

On Monday 4 February, a hearing at Basildon Magistrates Court saw 8 people prosecuted and found guilty of littering offences in Thurrock, given a criminal record and ordered to pay a fine and costs. All 8 had been previously issued a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) by enforcement officers.

Cllr Rob Gledhill, Leader of Thurrock Council, said: "Dropping litter in Thurrock spoils our streets, parks and town centres for those living, working in and visiting the borough. It is unacceptable to drop litter and anyone who does this can expect to receive a £150 fine for this offence.

"A substantial penalty is also issued to offenders who have not disposed of cigarette stubs properly and for dog fouling offences. Those who choose not to pay the £150 fine will face prosecution.

"We continue to work hard to enhance the appearance of the borough with the continued presence of enforcement officers patrolling Thurrock and clean-up initiatives."

The names of those prosecuted are:

  • Ryan Stern of Lime Close, South Ockendon – fine £220; costs £358; victim surcharge £30; total £608
  • Patrick Raven of Teviot Avenue, Aveley – fine £40; costs £200; victim surcharge £30; total £270
  • Scott Nicholl of Church View, Aveley – fine £220; costs £358; victim surcharge £30; total £608
  • Kamil Kowalik of Arlic Avenue, Brent, London – fine £220; costs £358; victim surcharge £30; total £608
  • Dawn Hills of Argent Street, Grays – fine £60; costs £358; victim surcharge £30; total £448
  • Ross Clark of Canberra Square, Tilbury – fine £220; costs £358; victim surcharge £30; total £608
  • Tony Barnett of Galey Green, South Ockendon – fine £146; costs £358; victim surcharge £30; total £534
  • Jodie Barnett of Ireton Road, Grays – fine £220; costs £358; victim surcharge £30; total £608

Statistics recorded in 2018 show that:

  • 3,433 FPNs issued for littering
  • 2,339 FPNs issued for littering were paid
  • 370 prosecuted for failing to pay the littering FPN
  • 3,132 FPNs issued were for smoking-related materials including cigarette butts, rolled-up cigarettes and cigars

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