Mayoral Roll of Honour launches

22 June 2022

Mayor of Thurrock, Cllr James Halden, has launched a Mayoral Roll of Honour celebrating charities, businesses, individuals and community groups who have gone above and beyond for the borough.

From Wednesday 22 June, residents can make a nomination for the Mayoral Roll of Honour, which will recognise those who work hard to serve Thurrock. Nominations must be signed by at least 4 councillors who can confirm the nominee deserves the special recognition.

Cllr Halden said: "Our communities in Thurrock are ambitious and there are many outstanding charities, businesses, individuals and groups who deserve to be recognised as they strive to make Thurrock a greater place to live, work, learn and play.

"Thurrock has the ambition, GDP and economic might to be the new 'square mile' – not only a rival to London in terms of business, but a borough with great compassion, openness and heart. It is only right that we celebrate all those who are contributing to this journey.

"I have thrown open the Mayor's Parlour and put down the red carpet to honour those who are doing remarkable things and have made Thurrock even greater, giving them a lasting place in our local, modern history. If you know anyone who deserves this honour, I encourage you to make a nomination."

The Mayor's Office will consider nominations in the order that they are received, and these will be awarded at the Mayor’s discretion. Successful nominees will receive a prestigious Certificate of Achievement, alongside a special mention at the start of each monthly Council meeting from July 2022 and named on the council's Mayoral Roll of Honour web page.

In some cases, the Mayor will issue a Certificate of Recognition where nominees deserve recognition but don't qualify for the Mayoral Roll of Honour.

To make a nomination, go to