Second World War shell to go on display in Purfleet

21 February 2018

The shell of a British Second World War anti-tank round which was found in Grays last week is set to go on display at Purfleet Heritage and Military Centre.

The 6lb solid shot round is thought to date from around 1940. It was the ammunition used by our forces' Quick Firing 57mm anti-tank guns.

The round was originally unearthed in Oliver Way, Grays last Tuesday. Thurrock Council has secured the return of the shell, which will soon join the collection at Purfleet Heritage and Military Centre in Centurion Way.

A council spokesperson said: "Thurrock had an important role in the nation’s defence during the Second World War and discoveries like this shell reflect that role. Coalhouse Fort was an important frontline in both sea and air defence and it's likely that this shell was once part of that defence.

"We are pleased the shell will stay in Thurrock as part of the fantastic display at Purfleet Heritage and Military Centre where future generations can learn about the borough's military history."