Buckles Lane, South Ockendon

22 July 2018

Cllr Coxshall, Portfolio Holder for Regeneration, said: "The council continues to make good progress on this complex case and has recently served an injunction to prevent further unauthorised development taking place on parts of the wider Buckles Lane site.

"We have carried out a comprehensive review of the site to ascertain exactly who is occupying each plot. This work has included serving 45 Planning Contravention Notices on landowners.

"In parallel, the council has been investigating the occupation and use of other parcels of land on the site. This work has revealed that there is a large proportion of non-travelling show people occupying parts of the site and that some of the plots have also been subdivided.

"We will continue to work with occupiers at the site. Stakeholders and organisations are being consulted as a way forward is sought.

"People need to have certainty in their livesĀ and to be treated fairly but we also need to ensure that the site is compliant with planning laws and policy and does not simply keep expanding."

45 Planning Contravention Notices (PCNs) were served on the landowners at the end of last year. Of these, 23 were returned providing the council with information about land ownership and use. The local planning authority has investigated the occupation and use of other parcels of land on the site

A Planning Contravention Notice may be issued under section 171C of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 and can be used to:

  • allow the local planning authority to require any information they want for enforcement purposes about any operations being carried out; any use of; or any activities being carried out on the land
  • invite its recipient to respond constructively to the local planning authority about how any suspected breach of planning control may be satisfactorily remedied.

More information on PCNs available at GOV.UK: Planning Contravention Notice.