More than 3,000 potholes filled

29 August 2017
Thurrock's highways lead has welcomed the progress made on filling potholes.
Through Thurrock Council's 'clean it, cut it, fill it' initiative, engineers have been working across the borough to fix thousands of defects using various methods.
One method – jet-patching, which fills potholes in a fraction of the time of regular pothole filling – has completed for the summer while regular pothole repairs continue.
Since the works began in May, 3,062 potholes have been filled.

Pioneering Highways Scheme Awarded to Thurrock

13 January 2017
Thurrock Council is launching an innovative way of using technology to map the roads in the borough and maintain them for road users.
In what is the first of its kind in the country, the trial – worth £183,000 and funded by the Department for Transport – will revolutionise the way potholes and other road defects are identified in Thurrock.
'Pothole-spotter' uses high definition cameras attached to Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCVs) to take quality pictures of roads and pavements in the borough.

Government digs deep on potholes

9 January 2017
The funding Thurrock Council receives from government to fix potholes will increase next financial year.
From April 2017, the amount the council receives will increase from £110,000 to £153,000, covering the cost of filling hundreds more potholes compared to the year before.
As part of the Clean it, Cut it, Fill it campaign, by the end of December more than 9,000 potholes had been filled. Thurrock Council maintains 576 kilometres of road in the borough through its role as a highways authority.