Christmas 1917 at the Thameside Complex

4 December 2017

Thurrock Museum Volunteers are presenting a free exhibition called 'Christmas 1917' at the Thameside Complex in Grays this December.

The exhibition reviews the events of 1917 at home and abroad, and looks at how people celebrated the festive season during World War 1.

Linking the group's previous shows, the year will be remembered for the Battle of Passchendaele, where British troops fought in a battle that became infamous for its mud and huge loss of life. Torrential rain turned the landscape into a thick mud bath that immobilised tanks and made weapons unusable.

Families worried about loved ones away at the front line, sending Christmas parcels and exchanging Christmas cards.

Learn all about it from Monday 18 December until Friday 29 December on the ground floor of the Thameside Complex.

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