Changes to boost borough recycling rates

12 November 2020

Recycling rates across Thurrock will be improved thanks to the new cross-party developed Municipal Waste Strategy for Thurrock approved at a meeting of Cabinet this evening (Wednesday 11 November).

The strategy – created by a cross-party Waste Management Working Group comprising of members from Conservative, Labour and Thurrock Independent parties and chaired by Cllr Mike Fletcher – has been designed to help boost recycling rates in the next decade while ensuring that weekly collections of food waste and dry recycling are maintained.

Other measures in the strategy include:

  • introducing new separate food bins
  • maintaining weekly recycling collections
  • moving to fortnightly collections for general waste and garden waste.

Cllr Aaron Watkins, Cabinet member for environment, said: "The cross-party Waste Management Working Group, made up of members across the Council, was setup with a recycling first focus. They have looked at the results of a public consultation carried out earlier this year and what other authorities with high recycling rates have done as well as examining every aspect of waste collection, disposal and recycling here in Thurrock. I am grateful for the thorough work carried out by the group.

"The working group have been working hard over the last 14 months ensuring a robust strategy would be produced. This strategy they have created will play a significant role in boosting recycling rates and building on the good work we have already been doing such as delivering a new recycling scheme to flats. By making sure that more of the borough’s waste is reused or recycled we can cut down on harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

"Throughout this process, our hard-working staff have been at the heart of our conversations and have been fully consulted on developments.

"The approach approved ensures weekly collections will be maintained for the majority of waste, while helping to encourage residents into recycling more and wasting less."

Cabinet has also recommended that the cross-party Waste Management Working Group continues to have a role in reviewing the progress of the implementation of the new Waste Strategy, including ongoing communications.