Summer Reading Challenge volunteers celebrated

28 September 2022

Volunteers who supported this year's Gadgeteers Summer Reading Challenge were celebrated at a special event on Tuesday 27 September.

Residents who volunteered their time to support more than 2,500 children and young people to discover the joys of reading over the summer holidays joined Cllr James Halden, Mayor of Thurrock, Cllr Qaisar Abbas, Cabinet Member for Communities and Equalities, and Cllr Deborah Arnold, Cabinet Member for Adults and Health, to receive a certificate and speak about their experience.

Cllr Abbas said: "It was fantastic to bring our many reading challenge volunteers together and congratulate them in person this year. Our 37 volunteers contributed more than 780 hours of support for our young people over 6 weeks. This is a staggering achievement that ranks as the fourth highest number of hours volunteered for a project during the last 10 years.

"Awarding them with a certificate for their efforts, and having an opportunity to speak with them about their tremendous work, was a great way to bring this year’s reading challenge to a close.

"Their support has been vital for helping our young people to not only build their skills and confidence in reading, but learn more about the exciting role science plays in their lives and the world around them. Our enthusiastic volunteers can rest assured they’ve helped make a positive difference to these young peoples' lives."

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Photo below: councillors and volunteers.