Ordering and renewing library items

Library charges

In Thurrock:

  • it is free to join the library
  • it is free to borrow books
  • it is free to request items from our catalogue using online self-service
Item Charge For
Self-service requests from the library catalogue free per item
Requests from the library catalogue, ordered by a member of staff free per item
Requests from the British Library and other external catalogues £3.50 per item
DVD £2.10 1 week
CD £1.15 1 week
Spoken word on CD – adults £2.60 3 weeks
Spoken word on CD – children free 3 weeks
Language course – single item £1.60 3 weeks
Language course – multiple set £3.60 12 weeks
Internet and word processing free per session
Printing 30p per page/side
Photocopies – black and white A4 20p single copy
Photocopies – black and white A3 30p single copy
Photocopies – colour A4 £1 single copy
Photocopies – colour A3 £1.50 single copy
Fax – outgoing UK £1 first page
Fax – outgoing UK 50p each additional page
Fax – Europe £2.50 first page
Fax – Europe £1 each additional page
Fax – elsewhere £3 first page
Fax – elsewhere £1.50 each additional page
Fax – free numbers, admin charge 50p each
Fax – incoming £1 each
Lost membership cards – adults £2.60 first replacement
Lost membership cards – adults £3.10 second and next replacements
Lost membership cards – children free first replacement
Lost membership cards – children £2.60 second and next replacements

Items borrowed from other authorities, including all CD-ROMs, will be charged at their rate.

You will not be allowed to use your library card if you owe £3 or more.